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Aisino V71 3G
Aisino V71 classic wireless terminal is a great solution for retail, shops, cafes, delivery services, as well as any transport projects. High-performance processor, as well as Wi-Fi and 3G support with simultaneous installation of two SIM-cards, provide instant payments. Aisino V71 accepts all ty..
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Aisino A70sv
Aisino A70sv is a modified version of A70 smart terminal. This model is also equipped with a high-performance processor, readers of bank cards of all types and extensive communication capabilities. The presence of a 2D scanner allowing to read QR codes is a distinctive feature of this model. ..
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Aisino A70
The terminal Aisino A70 works under a modern Android 7.0 operating system and has readers for chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and cards with contactless payment technology to work with bank cards. Information is displayed on the 5-inch touch screen. Aisino A70 has a wide range of 4G, Wi-Fi and ..
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Aisino A90
Aisino A90 is a smart terminal based on the Andriod 5.1 operating system. The terminal has all necessary communication modules, such as GSM with 4G, Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth support. A90 is equipped with magnetic stripe card readers, smart cards, and a contactless reader. Information is di..
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