Pin-Pad Aisino V10 III NFC/Singature

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Pin-Pad Aisino V10 III NFC/Singature
Pin-Pad Aisino V10 III NFC/Singature
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A unique modular Aisino V10 III pin-pad with bright and modern design. The main feature of Aisino V10 III is a configuration for business needs. This NFC/Singature version with a color touch screen and stylus to capture a signature.

  • All Vanstone equipment is fully compatible with JoinPOS software.
  • The Vanstone POS terminals network is managed through the JoinTMS cloud system.
  • All Vanstone equipment is fully compatible with cloud ERP system for urban transport and airlines.
Type Pin-Pad
Processor 32 ARM Cortex M3 CPU, 260 MHz
RAM 512 Kb
ROM 8 Mb
Display type Colorful / Touch Screen / E-Signature
Display specifications 2.8-inch TFT / 320x240
Keys 10 number/word keys, and 6 function keys, with shield cover
Card Readers Contactless Card
Contactless Card Reader 13.56MHz Comply with ISO14443 Type A/B, Mifare and NFC standard Indicator light installed
Peripheral ports 1 х RJ 11 / 1 х Charging Port
Power Supply Powered by external port 5~12V Wide voltage support, 500mA
Dimensions 159 x 98 x 80 mm
Certification PCI PED 4.x / EMV Contactless Level 1 / Mastercard PayPass / VISA PayWave