Courier bags

MST Company designs courier bags, which, as a rule, experience high loads under conditions of constant operation. Therefore, we use frost-resistant and high-strength fabrics, with a water-repellent coating. In order to prevent deformation of the bag, as well as damage to its contents, the bag can be reinforced with inserts of polyurethane foam.

It is also possible to develop a bag according to your individual requirements. In this case, you can brand the bag, change its color or fabric, insert it into the construction, to carry certain equipment.

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Courier bag 510x350x130mm
The courier bag has several pockets. On the outside of the bag is an overhead pocket with a zipper. The ends of the bag at the bottom are covered with rubber inserts. The bag is made of Avizent cloth. This fabric has high strength and great frost resistance. This fabric is used in the manufac..
US $150.00