Case for Ingenico iWL250

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Case for Ingenico iWL250
Case for Ingenico iWL250 Case for Ingenico iWL250 Case for Ingenico iWL250 Case for Ingenico iWL250
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Important! There are two versions of Ingenico IWL 250.

  1. Ingenico IWL 250 NEW - with big printer cover (big roll).
  2. Ingenico IWL 250 - with small printer cover (actually it's an old version of iwl 250).

Right now you are watching carrying case for Ingenico IWL 250 (small printer cover). If you need carryng case for Ingenico IWL 250 NEW with big printer cover, please click on this link.

Carrying cases for credit card terminals have never been so comfortable. New design of the carrying case elaborated by «MST Company» for the wireless credit card terminal Ingenico IWL250 enables you to take it out of the case in a tick.

Design features

The credit card terminal is properly fixed inside the carrying case due to availability of stiffeners. The display and the keyboard are covered with a cold-resistant film which ensures moisture prevention and windproofing.

The carrying case has a firm base. To place the terminal inside the case you first need to put it on this firm base and then to fix the top cover which completely covers the terminal. Such method allows taking the credit card terminal out of the case and placing it back in a few seconds when needed. Side surface of the terminal is protected with plastic edges preventing it from possible scratches and mechanical damages which also ensures safety of the device when dropped.

Attention: If you are buying 20 cases or more, we can make a logo of your company on a case. The cost of one logo is 4 USD


The given carrying case ensures high performance of the credit card terminal. Even when it is used in the carrying case you can easily replace a till roll, a discharged battery, or install the terminal on the charging base.

Model of terminal Ingenico iWL250
Material Bonding fabric
Insulated No
Color Black / Purple
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