MDB Converter

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MDB Converter
MDB Converter MDB Converter MDB Converter MDB Converter MDB Converter
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MDB Converter allows connect payment terminals to vending machine.

Supports protocols

  • MDB (Cashless Device)
  • MDB (Bill Validator)
  • MDB (Coin Acceptor/Changer)
  • PULS
  • Compass Pro IPS (Electrolux)
  • Self-bar

Converter’s software fully provides all work’s logic in the vending machine content. Microcontroller of converter provides correct checking of all requests which go from the vending machine with strictly follow to timings and match to the protocol specification.

Minimal start time: The converter is ready to handle commands 20ms after power on, which provides right initialization of the manage controller of the vending machine (the start time of the payment terminal can be up to one minute).

The converter has power free memory which affords to save mode settings. There is the opportunity to remote update Build-in software in the converter

Back side of the converter has magnet for the convenience and easy mounting. It secures the device on a metal surface inside the vending machine.

The converter is powered by a voltage of + 7.5..35V, the power consumption is not more than 7W.

The converter provides power to the POS terminal with a voltage of + 5V, current up to 1.0A.

Type MDB Converter
Material Metal / Plastic
Color Silver
Package contents MDB Converter
Terminal model PAX D200 / Ingenico iPP320 / Ingenico iPP350